There Are Many People Who Are Crazy For The Players Of

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 There are many people who are crazy for the players of their favorite sports. After every match, the people have many thoughts and suggestions to share with the team. To make their wish a reality, we are introducing this app.
 This application is targeted for the sports enthusiasts and fans community across the world. The app provides a platform for the fans and the sports community to post their ideas, suggestions, and thoughts they wish to share with their favorite personality or team, regardless of whatever the sports they play.
 “SuperFan Central” is an application that aims to create an open social platform for the sports enthusiasts. This is designed to provide an open page for the superstars to interact with their fans and the …show more content…

2. What are the sports you are interested in?
The answer to this question gives an idea which sports are common among the community so the application can emphasis more on these sports while branding and marketing on these regions. E.g.: In Canada Hockey is much more preferred sport. While in India, Cricket is the most common.

3. Whom do You consider yourself as a big fan of?
This gives an idea of the sports figure that can leverage the most among the possible app users and the organization initiatives advertisements and branding can be designed around this personality.

4. As a sports lover, what is the one best thing that you like in the internet?
This question allows the developer to get key behavioral information about our possible client as well as embed these things as a feature in the application.

5. What OS and Version do use in your mobile?
This gives crucial data about which platforms should the application should be built, and which platform has the most users.

6. Would you choose a limited featured free app over a fully featured reasonably priced paid app?
Answer to this question gives an idea of which payment method customers prefer more, and, this gives an idea if customers prefer more features, or the cost of the app.

7. On a daily basis, mostly on what time and how many hours do you spend on a social media?
Time a user spend on social media gives us the behavior of the customer. This is used in sorting the

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