Thesis Statement On Hypovitaminosis

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The prevalence of hypovitaminosis D is in growing problem among both pregnant and non-pregnant women. In the current study, 141(88.1%) pregnant women of our participants had insufficient/deficient serum 25OHD level, and 116(72.5%) out of all participants had vitamin D deficiency (25OHD levels <50 nmol/L), which is more prevalent among GDM group 70(87.5%) than control 46(57.5%), and 13 (8.1%) out of all participants had severe hypovitamnosis D. This prevalence is in agreement with other previous studies as Al Kalbani et al, 34 reported 98% vitamin D deficiency was in Omani pregnant women. Also, Karim et al, 16 reported 78% insufficient/deficient vitamin D in Pakistani pregnant women, and Al-Shaikh et al, 35 reported 86.4 % of Saudi pregnant women
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Vinkhuyzen et al, 37 reported 26% of pregnant women at midgestation, 46% of neonates were vitamin D deficient and 21% of the mother-infant pairs had persistent vitamin D deficiency (deficient in maternal and cord…show more content…
44 Inverse association between serum vitamin D and glucose levels, 38,39,45 and insulin resistance 20,38,39,46-48 have been established in several epidemiological
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