This Place Uses Aol Consulting Performance Pyramid to Motivate Employees

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1. Introduction 2. People Management Principles It is no secret that at a core of every successful organisation lies the management of people. When the employees are successfully managed, they work more effectively and efficiently to deliver desired output. 2.1. Motivation This Place uses the Aol Consulting Performance Pyramid as its core fundament for motivating its employees. Safety/Security This Place provides its employees with a safe working environment that does not apply any unnecessary pressure and allows them to open up and let their creativity run, which in its turn provides fresh ideas and concepts generation. Employees at This Place also feel secure for their job, as it is a small company (7 employees) and…show more content…
This Place, being a digital development firm has a relaxed and casual approach to the work attire and work environment. Every intern or new employee is welcomed by the team and is provided with any assistance that he/she might need, resulting in faster rate of adaptation and general workplace environment satisfaction. However at the later stages, due to a small number of employees and individualistic environment, one could find himself unattached at times. Work/Life Harmony This Place is not a trading corporation on Wall Street, so it never asks its employees to work extra hours or sacrifice their sleep or time of work. The management understands that there has to be a perfect equilibrium between work and life outside it and no amount of rewards will substitute personal time. 2.2. Training and Development This Place approaches Training and Development of its employees using the Training Cycle model: Need Identification This place individually compare the skill that an employee possesses to the skills that will make him competent for a job. They will then identify the missing skills and base his/her training around the skills that needs to be obtained Training Delivery The training takes place, encompassing the tasks that develop the missing set of skills that the employee needs to obtain Training Evaluation Upon the completion of the training, the results are evaluated to see if the desired set
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