Three Broad Skill Areas Of An Organization

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There are three broad skill areas that are assessed in the questionnaire. The first is administrative skills, which are abilities that a leader needs in order to run an organization with the goal of carrying out the organization’s commitments and objectives (Northouse, p. 124). This can be viewed as behind-the-scenes work. Although the organization is working to achieve the goal, administrative skills are the fundamental entities that must be carried out if the goal is to be realized. Administrative skills are separated into three skill sets: managing people, managing resources, and conveying technical capability (Northouse, p. 124). All three of these skills help to make up administrative skills. A good leader must have administrative …show more content…

131). The faster the conflict is settled, the quicker the organization can get back to achieving the set goals. An example of this is my friend Reuben who is the Brother of Large in my fraternity. His job is to settle conflicts between brothers. He holds an ‘Airing of the Grievances’ where brothers talk about their emotions and reveal problems they have with other brothers. Reuben handled a situation really well when two brothers were fighting over a noise complaint. He sat them down and got the brothers to talk it out while applying emotional intelligence in which he used his own emotions to settle the squabble (Northouse, p. 130). The conflict was settled and all was well between the bickering brothers. The last broad skill area that is assessed is conceptual skill. Conceptual skills are about working with ideas in order to create a plan for the organization (Northouse, p. 132). In my opinion, this is about laying a foundation for the organization. An organization should have a philosophy and conceptual skills allow it to be formed. Conceptual skills are divided into three parts: problem solving, strategic planning, and creating a vision (Northouse, p. 132). Leaders that have conceptual skills are better equipped to strategically plan for the organization and settle the groundwork for it. An example of this is my friend Craig who started a club in high school. He had a vision that the club would promote a good

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