Tire Tires On Flat Level Asphalt Essay

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Definition: This is an instruction set on how to change a deflated tire to the spare tire on a passenger vehicle.
Overview: Changing a vehicles tire is an automotive process in which you remove current deflated tire to spare tire provided by the vehicle manufacturer.
Steps: If you were driving before your tire deflated move all the way to the right to remove yourself from harm, if not then change vehicles tire on flat level asphalt. Access the trunk of vehicle to find all necessary tools to change vehicles tire scissor jack, lug bolt wrench, and spare tire. Loosen lug nuts. Raise vehicle off ground with scissor jack. Remove lug bolts completely. Remove deflated tire off mounting surface. Mount spare tire to the mounting surface. Hand tighten each lug bolt on. Lower vehicle until enough pressure so tire can 't spin. Tighten each lug bolt . Bring vehicle all the way down. Put all tools and deflated tire back in trunk of the vehicle.
If driving before tire deflated move your vehicle all the way to the right of the road, to remove yourself from any dangers. If not please skip to step two.
Park vehicle on flat level asphalt.
Access the trunk of your vehicle, remove the scissor jack, lug bolt wrench and spare tire which will be hidden under a mat in the trunk. (reference figure 1.1)
Figure 1.1 Image
Loosen lug bolts on wheel with lug bolt wrench by turning wrench counter clockwise until it becomes loose. Don’t remove lug

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