Tourism and Hospitality Industry

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Questions may be raised to find how these two hospitality and tourism industry relate to one another. Van Der Wagen (1999:1) wrote “Tourism and travel generally refers to people traveling away from home”, “…hospitality generally refers to the provision of accommodation, food and beverage to customers, who may be either tourists or local residents”. These facts denotes that hospitality and tourism industry overlap one another where the provision of hospitality services is offered by a host to a receiver (traveler). Hospitality and tourism industry are comprised of diverse fields, ranging from food services, beverage services to accommodation and gaming (Van Der Wagen & Goonetilleke, 2008; O’Shannessy & Minette, 2008). With the strong interrelated nature between the two of these industries, if one grows rapidly, the other would follow.
2.2 Career in Hospitality Industry

With both hospitality and tourism industry hand-in-hand growing rapidly, increasing demands of hospitality labor has created more employment…
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