Transportation And The Future Of Transportation

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Miles Blakesley Ms. Wiand English 12H 3/16/15 Transportation in the Future The future of transportation will most likely be very different to current transportation systems. Current projections say that the world 's crude oil supply will be gone by 2070. The demand for alternative options of transportation methods is increasing at a rapid rate. These new opportunities are expected to bring new modes of transportation and transportations services in the coming years. Some of these new modes include electric cars, nuclear cars, hydrogen vehicles, and autonomous vehicles. All of these new transportation ideas will make a profound effect of the world as we know it today. All of these new ideas will reduce pollution in the world and lower are dependence on fossil fuels. In the future, senior mobility and independence are likely to be even more of a vital concern in society. Real challenges will arise in dealing with the transportation needs of older people in the future. In particular, the fastest growing age group is the elderly, meaning that in the future there will be a huge need for new transportation that is both practical and easy to use. These options will mostly differ from independent driving and from the current mass transit services and could possible include anything from ET3 tubes to all electric and nuclear powered cars. All of these technologies are very viable options for the future that can and will greatly revolutionize transportation for the future. Designers

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