Travel Industry : International And Domestic Visitor Essay

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In 2015, international and domestic visitors in the United States generated 2.1 trillion dollars of economic output, 947.1 billion of which was in direct travel expenditures. 8.1 million jobs in the United States are directly supported by the Travel Industry, which represents one out of 9 jobs in the nation. The number of Americans taking international trips for leisure has increased from 44,619 thousand in 1990 to 68,176 thousand in 2014, and spending in 2014 from Americans and foreign visitors inside the U.S. reached 928,078 million dollars. In 2015, 73,997,139 American Citizen departures towards international destinations were recorded, a record which represents a 7.7 percent increase from 2014. The travel industry is a matter worth studying, representing a key part in the American economy and the lives of millions of Americans. It is undeniable that the travel industry has been evolving in the past few decades with the advent of personal computer technology and the creation of the internet. Since 1999, 98.4% or more of travel agencies have been able to issue e-tickets for plane flights, and total online travel sales rose quickly from 400 million dollars in 1997 to 15.4 billion in 2000. In 2014, transportation represented a fifth of the total e-commerce revenue. In this paper, I will introduce the concept of rationalization, describe the rise and evolution of the online travel industry, describe how the travel industry’s evolution into an online-centered industry fits the

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