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Travel and Hospitality Website Benchmarking Report A. Report Purpose The purpose of this report is to gain a better understanding of what comprises a well thought out travel and hospitality website. This benchmarking report will analyze four popular travel and hospitality websites based on certain evaluative attributes. These attributes will then be ranked in a manner explained further in the methodologies section (B1). Through analysis of the four websites chosen and our respective findings, various design insights (C6) will come to the forefront as more useful or less useful than others. The term usefulness will be elaborated on in section C1. This research will allow us, in building a travel and hospitality website, to…show more content…
We chose seven attributes, which we felt encompassed what the typical consumer would look for in a travel web site. They were: 1) Ease of Use/Usability/Navigability/Site Map 2) Info Content/Pricing Info/Content/Updates 3) Appearance/Layout/Structure/Consistency/Graphics 4) Site Speed/Download Time/Reliability 5) Buying Online/Simplicity of Purchase/Member 6) Site Support/Help Desk 7) Products/Selection/Ability to Compare Each attribute has multiple descriptors because it is of our opinion that they are closely related. The "Description of Attributes Measured" section (C3) will describe these attributes in further detail. Each of the attributes was applied to the four web sites, and was rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the best. Furthermore, each of the attributes was weighted, these weights can be found in the "Weighting Scheme" section (C4). Once all the information was gathered, conclusions were drawn on the quality of four web sites. Finally, drawing on those conclusions, advice was given to the consumer on the web sites, so they can make a more informed decision when choosing which of the top travel web sites they should use. These can be found in the "Findings" and "Advice" sections, which immediately follow. B2. Findings The goal of this "Findings" section is to set forth the information we gathered regarding each website after following our research

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