Types Of The Organisational Structure Of RSPCA

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Organisational structure of RSPCA
The organisational structure that the charity RSPCA has is a flat structure which between management and the worker level employees has few or no levels of management. This type of business structure displays the workers with the higher levels of authority and control on the higher levels. Then the workers with the least control and authority are on the lower levels of the flat organisational structure. The RSPCA using a flat organisational structure has management levels of a few or one. Meaning a ‘Chain of Command’ from top to bottom will be short while the ‘span of control is wide’. The span of control means where the managers are responsible for a certain number of workers each at RSPCA.
The store I will be focusing on is the Rowley Regis store to explain the flat structure for the RSPCA. The is a diagram of the flat structure below: This image shows the base level to be the workers who have the lowest level of authority and control in the RSPCA. The second level are the managers who have a span of control of seven subordinates between the two managers. The highest level is the director of the RSPCA who has the most control and authority out of everyone else, according to the image of the flat organisational structure.
An advantage of the RSPCA being part of a flat structure is that for the managers and workers there is a great communication. This is an advantage because of their only being a few levels of communication for example,

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