Unit 6 Audience Response Research Paper

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Unit 6: Critical approaches to Media Products Assignment 2: Audience Response Date of issue: (w/c) February 22nd 2016 Research and identify one example of a media product which had a strong impact on its audience which you can write about with confidence and enthusiasm. Your example should include connection with at least two of the following theories: Hypodermic needle model: Information is “injected” directly into the audience. Passive audience - More likely to believe the information - Hard to avoid/resist the information. E.g. Models and the ideal body image - Has influence over a large group of people at one time. Uses and Gratifications: Active audience - They are open to their own opinion of what is being shown. Blulmer and Katz expanded this …show more content…

TOWIE falls into the genre as the characters, dialogue and action in the show has been scripted and planned to engage the audience with humour and drama. However, although it seem like these events have really happened, most of the time situations the characters are in have been scripted, either completely made up or slightly based from situation that may have occurred in the past. Effects of this: This creates false hope for viewers - The casts lives are depicted as glamourous, expensive and luxurious, but in reality they do not live exactly as the show makes out to believe. As well as this, casts appearances have an effect on audiences, especially young girls. By looking slim, tanned and always ‘perfect’, cast members are shown to find love and fortune. People may aspire to look like this, to gain a similar lifestyle, creating negativity, stress and obsession when they can’t achieve a particular look. Audience: Young adults - middle aged (16 - 35 years old), male and female (mainly

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