Use Of Direct Response Advertising Vehicles And Types For Small Medium Sized Businesses

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Your advertising media are the communication vehicles you use to convey your marketing messages. That 's why, in addition to selecting ones that reach your targeted audience, you 'll want to make sure they provide you with the best possible results for the least amount of time and money.

In this article, I 'll go over the most commonly used direct response advertising vehicles/types for small to medium-sized businesses, such as:

Newspaper Direct Mail Magazine and Classified Ads TV and Radio Internet Ads Outdoor Media - Billboards, Transit Signs Press Releases and PR Yellow Pages

and more...

Obviously, the trick is to match your message to your market using a suitable vehicle. For instance, it makes no
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Companies that sell advertising can provide you with a lot of helpful information about their audience. Also, it 's a good idea to look at other types of businesses that continually use various media. Then make sure they 're targeting the same audience as you. Bottom line: avoid guesswork, by testing before committing to major purchases.

3. Make sure you know your total marketing budget less what 's already spent or "promised". This assumes that you 've already developed this and that it 's based on:

Industry norms Needed profit margins Available cash Opportunity costs Company 's risk tolerance Average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) - the value of a customer over their time with business with a company. Simply put:

CLV = Revenues Received - Cost to Get and Keep

4. Find out what your competitors are spending on media in the same markets. For example, if you decide to run a radio ad in the Chicago market twice a day, on two stations for two weeks and a competitor is running a similar ad in the same market but running it 15 times a day, on 15 stations for 15 weeks you 'd be foolish to waste your money by trying to compete... no one is going to notice your spot. This is another reason it 's so important to use reputable advertising agency to buy this type of advertising (goes for TV as well).

5. Even though your budget will significantly dictate your medium selection, you must also be aware and
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