Use Of Mobile Phones In School

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Oh my gosh! I think I am about to die! I just found out that some schools do not allow students to have cell phones in school. Modern cell phones are capable of much more than sending text messages in class, now they are capable of calling someone in case of an emergency. If someone is in need of help and no one has a cell phone, there is no way anyone could get them help, if someone is bleeding a lot more than likely they would die if no one calls the emergency center. There is an average of ninety-four percent of students who goof around and play on their cell phones during class or school hours, that is only six percent of students who could manage to not play on their cell phones until the end of the day. If someone would like to see if they could manage to get through the day without using a cell phone, they could try the "no cell phone for a day" challenge. The "no cell phone for a day" challenge is when someone gives their cell phone to their parents and they could not have their cell phone back until twenty-four hours are up, if they could get a day without their cell phone, then they should be proud of them because they have proved they could get through the day without their phones, If you do not pass it then you are addicted to the phone and you need to get help. Teachers and principals should let students have phones at school. Students need phones in school because if someone breaks into the school, then they would need to call someone to get

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