Using Software Tools And Techniques

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I. INTRODUCTION In general, we people often make decisions based on suggestions from our friends, family members or even from the people who have better knowledge and experience with the things that we want to make decision on. And moreover, in the today’s world, things that we want to buy or make decision on, are coming with a vast number of alternative solutions which is throwing us into the difficulty to make a decision. For example, when we want to buy a television for the first time, it will be very difficult for us to choose the right one from the list with a large number of alternative solutions ranging from different makers to different models from a maker. Because of this confusion, we will consult people who have better experience and knowledge on these things and ask for their valuable suggestions or recommendations that will help us in making decision. This type of suggestions and recommendations can also be provided by using software tools and techniques which are termed as Recommender Systems or Recommendation Systems (RSs). A recommender system, often recommends or suggests the items which may be kind of useful to the user. And these recommender systems are mainly employed by the e-commerce industries who sells millions of items to the people through internet. Here, these RSs are employed to suggest or recommend items (which may be of useful) to the users based on their past purchases and also at the same time to increase their sales. Today’s cyberspace has
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