Using Uniform Resource Locator ( Url )

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Websites are made up of webpages each of which has its exclusive addresses called uniform resource locator (URL). URLs direct users to get to a unique web page through web browsers. URL naming and managing are considered two important issues as it is crucial for a webpage to have an accurate address which appropriately represents content of the page and also generate helpful application in web analytics. Protocol identifier, hostname, path or stem and parameters are core components of URLs as they generate the frame of each URL. Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) is one kind of protocols used to reach hypertext documents on the Net. Protocol and resource name, which is the address of webpage are attached with a colon and two slashes. Host…show more content…
Additional information is gathered as campaign medium is added to the parameters as it provides extra data such as email or cost per click (CPC). Campaign name identify a specific product, promotions and etc. Campaign term is applied for paid keyword search. Campaign content is used to separate ad, content or link, which refer to the same URL. The fact that the functionality of the page or its content is not affected when extra parameters are added to the URL is crucial to know as parameters are applied in web analytics tools such as Google analytics to get traffic source data. Web analytics tools such as Sitecatalyst, Webtrends and Google analytics uses parameters differently. Sitecatalyst is highly depended on page names than additional parts of URLs so parameters do not make further data. Webtrends mainly uses hostname and path to identify pages, however, Webtrends is able to recollect disregarded parameters when they are needed to separate unique pages. Google Analytics applies three main campaign parameters which are campaign source, campaign medium and campaign name. In Google analytics there is an option to have additional campaign such as campaign trend and campaign content. URLs in Web analytics are of high importance as they define data strategy, cookies strategy, sessions and etc. The domain segment the URL makes a mandate rule when it
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