Vark Learning Style

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I have decided to talk about the VARK learning style from the reading Sidhu, A. VARK Learning Style.

The VARK model suggests that there are four styles of learning: Visual, auditory, read/write, and kinaesthetic. Knowing your preferred learning style could help learning by understanding how one receives information best.

I completed the VARK questionnaire, and according to the results I have a multimodal learning preference. According to the reading, people who do not have a strong preference for a particular style of learning are called multimodal. Multimodal learners learn through a mixture of learning preferences rather than through one particular style.

I found that this relates to my own learning preferences. I prefer to learn by receiving information in different ways in order leave a better impression. For example, when reading about a topic I do not know much about, I find it is easier to grasp new information by listening to a voice recording of the text as I read it. I may otherwise skip over text, and the information would not settle properly in my mind. By listening to a voice recording while reading along, the information is made more memorable, as I can both see and hear the sentences being relayed in my mind. According to the VARK model this could be said to be a
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I think knowing how you learn best is indeed useful when it comes to approaching a topic of interest. While someone may be more naturally inclined to read a textbook rather than listen to a lecture (and be self-aware of this), an explanation on why they prefer to learn that way and how to utilize it may be especially motivating and time saving in the long run. For example, knowing how to make notes that best leave an impression on them personally, whether it be by making visually appealing notes with selective colours and diagrams, or by voice recording their own notes and listening to
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