Verizon Benchmarking

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Benchmarking and Best Practices
Benchmarking transpires when an organization like Verizon uses steadfast research in order to determine how they compare against their competitors or analogous organizations within an industry. Although, every industry will use some form of benchmarking during their existence, Verizon’s award winning benchmarking techniques and best practices are very well known in their industry. In fact, they recently won a prestigious award from the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) and Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) for their 2015 Intranet Design Awards (DWG, 2015).
Although, DWG and NN/g have been doing these benchmarking awards since 2001, most people outside of the digital workplace fields might not recognize DWG by its newer
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Once this extensive process was completed, the customers would then send their findings to DWG and NN/g so their benchmarking experts could continue their process in order to determine the overall winner of their award. This is one of the biggest reasons why Verizon’s website design and functionality won the prestigious “Benchmarking and Best Practices Award”.
Although, the significant benchmarking and best practices award was incredibly important to Verizon’s success. They were also the recipient of the 2014 (, 2015) this award was given to Verizon for establishing an unrivaled excellence in grabbing the highest known market shares on record within their industry.
However, in order to accomplish this task Verizon had to come up with and use an excellent market strategy and industry leading service level agreements. They did this by offering their customers several platforms to choose from when contacting their customer care centers, such as their “end to end” or “Log in and registration”
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This is also known and the learning phase which helps when the system or customers want something different. For example, shorter surveys, stronger network signals, better network infrastructure, and reliable service. In addition to Verizon’s benchmarking techniques, they also typically use competitive benchmarking whenever they want to perform a benchmark against their competitors. Verizon uses this method because it’s a continuous process of comparing their company against their competitors. Verizon loves being number one which is why they use this method to check out their best practices and performance against the competition.
In closing, since Verizon has America's largest 4G network with approximately 97% coverage, it doesn’t surprise me that Root Metrics has ranked them the number one carrier in the United States, for four years in a row. In addition, Verizon’s benchmarking and best practices techniques have also provided them with an astonishing 97% of coverage regarding their newer 4G LTE service, which has twice as much coverage than any other network in the industry. I guess that’s not bad for only having 65% of the current market share in their industry or being ranked number 15 in fortune 500
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