Vertical Market Examples

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A vertical market refers to a niche customer group with specific needs. Examples of vertical markets for web developers include restaurants, online schools, real estate, insurance, and health care. The advantages of specializing in a vertical market are many. You are no longer competing against all web developers, but only the smaller subset within your vertical market. It makes you an expert, which gives you more credibility in the eyes of your prospects. It allows you to focus on the specific pain points of your market. Furthermore, you can deliver this message in their own language.

When you couple these advantages with the following suggestions, the result is a greatly expanded source of leads for your web development agency:

Exploit Vertical Markets by Offering a Unique Service

Effective use of vertical markets isn't limited to merely narrowing down your focus to a smaller subset niche. Of course, this does work and is a common
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This is a recurring income model that has broad appeal to clients with differing financial resources.

This business model already exists in a number of vertical markets such as the restaurant, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Study the businesses that successfully use this model, and apply this knowledge to unexploited vertical markets. After you succeed in one market, find other related markets that allow you to set up similar memberships.

Perhaps you can set up membership sites for markets that share the same customer. For example, bridal shops, caterers, florists, wedding photographers, and banquet facilities all service the wedding niche. Setting up memberships in this way consolidates a lot of research. Expert knowledge of the wedding niche makes your knowledge and services valuable to these five
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