Wedding Speech : Marymount Dance Department

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May 5, 2016 was one of the happiest moments of my entire life. That was the day made possible for me to see a live performance. It was my very first time and have to admit I was super exciting entering the auditorium. Marymount Dance Department presented the 2016 Spring Repertoire. I felt so proud walking in as a dancer watching a live performance. The show began and my heart skipped a beat. Marymount’s Dancers At Work presented in a beautiful manner that drove into their movements. There were numerous moves that we did that they presented in their routine. I was most proud when I saw one colored dancer in the piece Regality. She performed incredibly well I began to move along with her. There was uses of high jumps, releve’s, plié’s, pirouette’ and many more. I was not sure what the dancers were doing, but all I Knew was that I needed to be on that stage doing exactly what they did. The multiple dances that were performed moved me in such ways words cannot explain. I am a beginner in Ballet, modern, jazz, tap, ballroom, and heels. Studying dance while going to see a live performance is crucially. I know I want to dance because Dance 105 became the eye opener to different expressions of the art form. However, the dancers allowed me to solidify that decision and go into the field of dance. I was moved more by the emotions rather than the actual dance moves. As the dancers performed, I was startled by the energy and love that the dancers brought to the platform. I could not…

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