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Our Wellness department not only offers wellness services to our employees, we also offer wellness services to area businesses that wish to provide their employees with a wellness program but do not have their own wellness staff. We call this segment of our department services our corporate program. Over the course of the past few years, we have provided corporate wellness programs to approximately eight different area businesses, with several of them becoming annual customers. With our corporate wellness programs, we offer a baseline package which businesses can choose to add upon. The baseline process of our corporate program involves an on-site biometric screening of the company employees, follow-up coaching sessions two to three …show more content…

To help track the planning component of a corporate screening event, I developed a tracking form to ensure all required steps on our end were met (Appendix Y, pg.). Our team now uses this form for the planning of each corporate screening event. For this specific company, they were interested in a simple flyer about the event that they could use as a poster and to send out in an email blast to employees. I created the flyer (Appendix Z, Pg) and we had our printing department here at UnityPoint Health create the appropriate number of flyers and posters requested. I also used this flyer design to create the email blast for the Director of the company to distribute to their employees. The flyers provided the information on why the company was hosting the screening; the dates of the screenings; the dates of the follow-up coaching sessions available; how to sign-up to participate; details on what would the employees should expect at the screening event; and instructions regarding the options for taking the risk assessment. For every program, the employees have the option to either take this assessment online prior to the screening or they can complete it during the screening on paper and we would enter the data into the HealthAware system after. With our HealthAware system, we can create a unique link that can be provided to a business that allows us to compile only their results. In order to do this, I had to reach

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