What Are The Sales Promotion Objectives Of Club Med

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1. What are the sales promotion objectives? ( 50 words 1 or 2 objectives ) According to Mahmoud (2017), hotels need to attain their minimum occupancy levels in order to achieve average sales. By offering Malaysian consumers up to 40% discount, the objective of this promotion is to increase occupancy rate by 5% during the off-peak period of 2014 in the select destinations stated.

2. Do you think it will accomplish its objectives? (Yes/No/Yes and No 2 points 100 words each)

No, it was not advertised in the right channel and the duration was too short to maximise reach. Firstly, the promotion was not highly advertised through the right channels; it could only be found on their website and at the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel
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Malaysia is also strategic because it has been Club Med’s fastest growing market in the past three years in Asia (Gaya Travel, 2017). Club Med’s premium all-inclusive offerings are in sync with the expectations of travellers, especially among Malaysian families because they seek value-for-money experiences (Gaya Travel, 2017). As such, Club Med intended to target more Malaysian families to visit not just Cherating but also international destinations including Maldives, Japan and europe…show more content…
Resort hotels’ business is highly contingent on the season. For example, in Sahoro, which is a famous destination to enjoy ski, peak period is winter, and non peak is summer. According to the annual report on 2013, Club Med kept the average occupancy rate of 68.7% on 2012, which tells that Club Med did not perform well. On that year, they did not have the same type of promotion, which might have caused them to have such low occupancy rate. However if they can get more customers during a low peak season by having a promotional package like this during off season, they might bring figures up to
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