What Is Clinical Staging?

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1. What is clinical staging?
- Clinical staging is what health care professionals use to provide an idea at phase the tumor is at. This is helpful in determining the outcome of the patient’s cancer. This also aids in deciding what course of treatment that would confine and eliminate the cancer.

2. What does each stage represent? Stage 0-IV
- Stage 0: the tumor is first starting to appear in only one location
Stage I: the tumor is still located in the same area and not yet spread.
Stage II: tumor is started to migrate and spread to near by areas.
Stage III: from when the tumor first appeared, has grown dramatically and continues to travel through the body.
Stage IV: it is clear that there is a wide spread of the tumor into other locations by using the lymph system

3. What is the TNM classification system? What does each letter represent?
- The TNM classification is to describe the seriousness and characteristics of a patient’s cancer. T describes the measurements of the tumor. N stands for whether or not the cancer has started to develop in the lymph nodes. M is used for to determine if the cancer has moved from the original site to another location.

4. What are the seven warning signs of cancer? Why is this important for your nursing practice?

5. What is the difference between the following 3 goals for cancer treatment (chemo, radiation, surgery) 257
a. Cure
- If there were a possibility for a cure then surgery would be the best choice for treatment. For the best

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