What Is My Future Classroom Essay

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My Future Classroom My future Kindergarten classroom will be safe, welcoming, inspiring, and encouraging place for students to flourish. As you walk in the door there will be a calendar on the wall where we go over the date every morning. It will also have a place to record the weather. It will have cubbies. On top of the cubbies there will be a place for folders from home. There will be 2 bins on top of the cubbies. One will be for returning folders, the other will be for take-home folders. There will be a basket for notes from home, and another basket for notes to go home. On the other side of the cubbies there will be a closet. The students will come in, take their backpacks off, take their folders out and put them in the bin. Then they …show more content…

They will have various reading literature stations, and various math stations that they will alternate. Their pictures will be next to the station they are supposed to go to, so that they may check themselves. There will also be 2 to 3 students in each group. They will get to know their group members, and help each other make sure they go to the right group. These students will be collaborating on various mathematical and literary/reading tasks. While they are at these stations, the teacher will be conducting guided reading with them. There will be 4 or 5 students from beginning, middle, advanced, and advanced high levels, that will take turns reading with the teacher. She will write down letters and sounds that they each need to work on. She will also check for understanding, frequently stopping and asking questions about the book. The students will each get a new book, once they finish their books and show they are able to understand. They will move to the next level when they have reached the goals of the current level. One group will be at computers, there will be 3 or 4 in the classroom for students to work at. There they will do various reading and math activities. There will be no teasing,

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