What Is My Values Essay

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It is undeniable that every individual and every organization is related to making hundreds of decisions every day.The decisions are reflected in our values and they are directed towards special goals.we all have our own values what established and developed through the course of our lives. It is important that we know about our values because these values help us to the way we live our lives, the decisions we make and create the future we want to experience A value is.One people can see great value in saving animals, however, a person who depends on the kills the animal for their jobs may not place but the same values on the animal as a person who wants to save them. Each person has a different value that is one reason why each people through …show more content…

I am living with my family in a small village in Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam.Before that, i have learned four years at Banking Academy where I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.The university where both my teacher and my friends are fantastic and the atmosphere is one that makes me actually want to go the university every day.At Banking Academy University, I had joined some club as SEC club, Volunteer club. I joint here simply because I am interested in the management I would possibly like to become an office manager.Along with the study, I also found a part-time job at Vndiect company where I can achieve more knowledge about finances, stocks, company, especially, my part-time job can help my parents financially. As many other girls, i love shopping, listening to music because it makes me relaxed after a busy study and work. One thing about me that is important to know that I can easy to make friends.I love to talk with everyone because I find more interest from them.I am a very kind, compassionate, sensitive girl as my close friends told me. Academically ,I am a student who interested in exploring new things and challenge in myself.I also enjoy math and economics. I have achieved many different goals in life although my achievements are smaller than the others but which has given me satisfaction.Get a degree Bachelor in …show more content…

Personal values as a part of my life because knowing personal values is important, when i need to choose or decide something, i can do so easily by simply determining if the choice lines up with true values.My personal value reflects who I am and the principles and guidelines which help me determine the attitude and opinion regard to various aspects of life. I have learned more knowledge as known as my values from my family.They often teach me the way to become a good people and it is important I have learned responsibility values from them. My parents always to teach me that need to have responsible will all act of myself, therefore I have responsible values from my childhood.This is the reason that why I listed responsible values as number one.Responsibility is also an important value to help me to become successful in my life.I have learned responsible from what I do every day.I am a responsible person both study and work, As now I am a student at a university, therefore I do my homework on the daily basis and study for what I have

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