What Qualifications Are Required For A Retail Sales Associate?

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What Qualifications Are Required to Be a Retail Sales Associate? Education There are no standard educational or experiential requirements for retail sales positions. However, many employers prefer candidates with at least a high school diploma. Positions involving the sale of more advanced or complex products may require a college degree. If you are interested a retail sales associate job as a first step in a sales career, consider pursuing a degree in business or marketing, as they are among the most sought-after by employers. Communication and psychology are also helpful areas of study, as good salespeople can use a variety of verbal and non-verbal cues to anticipate a customer 's needs and tailor their sales approach to each individual. Experience While educational requirements tend to be minimal, employers place a high value on experience when hiring sales associates. Data shows that 48 percent of people currently working in this position have between one and four years of experience, and another 20 percent have been in the field for between five and nine years. Those numbers drop off at 10 years and up, suggesting that more experienced sales associates either move into higher-level positions or transition out of the field into another career. Candidates with little to no experience can still find work as a retail sales associate, however they should expect to work less desirable schedules and earn lower wages until they gain experience. Skills As previously
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