Why Employers Have Protect Their Business From Malicious Acts

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Employers have to protect their business from malicious acts, whether it is sending data sensitive material to virus protection. Sometimes, employees receive emails that are from unknown senders or from an email that they think is legit, when in most cases, there is a virus attached. When an employee opens such emails, the virus could attack the company in many different ways. This is another reason why employers would have such monitoring in place to protect from harmful acts. Most people on a daily basis do other things online than just check their email. They may surf the web, watch videos, download music and all not work related rest assured. They do more personal business that work related business. Most people probably go online for …show more content…

In the above paragraph, one company monitors its employees by using software that is implemented on a company cell phone. Nowadays, most monitoring is done electronically on devices using some sort of monitoring software. There is a company in Boston, Massachusetts called Sociometric Solutions. They provide sociometric analyses to companies through a sociometric badge. This badge has sensors that are embedded into it and it tracks body movement, location, interaction and even speech dynamics. According to The Week staff, Bank of America used these badges in call centers to gather information. What they found was that in the call centers groups that took breaks together were more productive. They also found that these close knit groups were less likely to quit. With this information, Bank of America introduced a new improved coffee break to help improve social interaction. They saw more than 10% increase in productivity and 70% decrease in turnovers. [8.] What about those workers that work from home? How are they monitored? A lot of people think that just because you work from home that you have a lot of free time. There may be people that abuse their “working from home” status, so how do they get monitored? If you have a computer that you have to log into, a company can check the VPN log to see how often remote employees log in. There is a list on by Scott

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