Why I Am Becoming A Teacher

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Teaching has a different level of meaning for everyone. We all have different reasons for why we want to be in the teaching profession and why we love teaching. I am becoming a teacher for many reasons. I am becoming an early childhood teacher because I had two wonderful teachers that inspired me in many ways. These two teachers always had a smile on their face and most importantly you could tell they loved their job. I created a relationship with them as I grew through my schooling and I stll have that with them today. I want to have the same impact on children as these teachers did on me. I also want to become a teacher because I love helping and teaching children. Teaching is important to me because I want to make a difference with young children. I want to help them grow as students and make them ready for the next chapters in their life. For me, the first-third grade was a great part of my schooling because my teachers really helped me advance in my academics and I created a long lasting relationship with them. The learner is the most important person in teaching and they are the ones that allow us to become better at what we do. The view of the learner is very important to me. At a young age, you have to know your students well to know how you are going to teach them. Knowing your students will help you to better understand the learning process that you need to take to make sure each student is understanding and retaining the material being taught. Schools are

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