Why I Have Chosen For My Teaching Career

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Here is why I have chosen in my teaching career to take care of the little ones. There are so many unique and special things about them and who they are. When I thought about whom I will be teaching I thought of the babies. For they are our future. Then you have toddlers who are just starting to become aware of their world. After I thought of preschoolers who need to learn how to love and care for others. Following are the kindergarteners who can do anything they put their mind too. Teaching these kids is the reason for me being. I have come to know kids are smart, sweet, and helpful. Children are all different and that’s the world. If we all were the same, then life would be uninteresting. It would be just day after day of the same thing. As you know kids change and nothing stay the same with them. Each child has their personality and culture that best represent them. There is a difference in children and their ages. Each age goes through something different. You have infants who are being born. A birth of a baby can have many unique situations. For example, Max being born premature. Asia says mom at ten months for the first time. Infants also grow throughout these ages of 1 month to a 1-year-old. They start out small but over the year they get bigger. Learning motor skills at 2 months. Infants brain still developing. Learning words such as mom, dad, cat, and dog. Starting to understand somewhat the things around them. Infants are smarter than we think. They may not get it,
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