Winsome Manuacturing Company

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Winsome Manufacturing Company A company that produces plastic storage containers and sells them to the home consumer through home sales events; Winsome provides low cost, tight-tolerance, precisely engineered products closer to home here in the United States. WMC includes a fully automated production facility which eradicates human involvement in the molding process. The potentials of our plastic manufacturing company allow the customers to do business in the US instead of moving to other places. Introduction: In the past 25 years, the packaging industry has undergone a spectacular development. The development of a wide range of polymers has brought about the form of plastic containers of all descriptions, replacing the traditional…show more content…
This will provide us with a fallback position in the unlikely event of interruption of our primary source. Cost variation: Polyethylene resins are closely tied to the oil market and have been known to rise and fall as a result of changes in price of crude. Winsome plastics consider we have planned successfully for this possibility, both as a buyer and as a seller. Economic Influences: The variety of the regional market of Winsome containers includes a wide collection of separate industries that are not normally interdependent. In their order of importance, Winsome ranks our target industries as follows: Agro-Chemical, Industrial Chemical, Food, Paint, Ink, and Varnish, Soaps and Industrial Cleaners, Lube-Oil (potential) Due to the diversification of company’s target market, Winsome plastic’s feels that risks inherent of an economic decline are rounded by the scattering of our projected customer base. (Replay Plastics, 2011) Points to discuss with the manager; • What detailed products or services will be provided? The product will be a room-sized plastic storage unit suitable to the outside of the home; it is comparable to a competitor 's product but will have

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