Winsome Manufacturing Company: A New Storage Unit Project Charter

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Winsome Manufacturing Company: A new storage unit project charter Background The Winsome Manufacturing Company is about to embark upon an exciting new venture: the creation of a room-sized plastic storage unit suitable for homeowners to place outside of the home. The project stakeholders for this proposed endeavor will draw upon ever facet of the company's resources, including the design, production, purchasing, shipping, sales, and marketing departments; the suppliers of the raw input goods; company shareholders, the company that is responsible for the delivery of the product to consumers; organizers of home sales events where we sell our products and above all our loyal consumers. The project sponsor within Winsome will come from the marketing department, given that it is the marketing of this product that will require the most substantive innovation. The product will be manufactured with the same type of plastic injection molds as our other products, but the size and scope of the units will be far larger than anything we have attempted before. Because of the commitment the consumer must make in terms of purchasing the unit, it is essential that the vale of the project is communicated in an effective fashion to the buyer. This will require retraining and/or hiring of new sales staff to market the units to consumers at home sales events as well as through direct-to-consumer advertising. Problem statement As more and more people are 'crunched' in terms of space,

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