project planning and management

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1. To what extent does project management apply to Adventures Unlimited?

Each tour established by Adventures Unlimited could be considered as a single project. Each tour has the destination, and is not routine and repetitive. The project begins when the consumer and Adventures Unlimited reach the same agreement, and ends when the consumer goes back. Each tour is unique and never been taken before. That is to say, each tour has the specific time, cost, and performance requirements.

The tour, as one project, can be described in a project life cycle way (see Figure 1, Project Life Cycle adapted from Project Planning and Management 2013). The first stage is defining the tour destination and agreement or contract of the tour. And
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To meet the demand of the consumer and the feasible budget, the project manager has to fully allocate the useful resources and get the same agreement with the consumer. Using the financial model and take all possible satiation into consideration to make the budget efficiency.

Another essential training is risk management. In the material, it can be found that the Rodriguezes has little effect after unexpected situation happened. The administrative may get another plan before department. Then consumers will not complain about when the tour is disturbed or the schedule is changed. In the material, the manager failed to solve the problem (train missing), and then the entire schedule was delay. If the Rodriguezes or the tour guide could book the flight in advance or make one more sightseeing plan, the problem could be remedied.

The third issue would be the communication management. The delivery of the tour would be out of consumers’ expectation. The Rodriguezes and consumer should get the same agreement about the level of quality of accommodations and price. The contract is essential to protect the right of both sides. The clear delivery of the tour information is a must, or the unpleasant consumers’ emotion may also lead to the bad reputation of the business.

The final topic is the insurance. The Rodriguezes can cooperate with the insurance company to make the consumer safe and reduce the risk of the company. Due to the healthy issue, the bad case of food
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