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Running head: SZT1 Task 1 SZT1 Task 1 Western Governors University Community description and data interpretation Kootenai County is located in Northern Idaho in what is known as the state panhandle. The county is 1310 square miles including over 70 square miles of water and 245,000 acres of National forest (“Kootenai County, Idaho”). Kootenai County boasts an excess of over twenty pristine lakes which is one of the many reasons this area is such a popular destination for national and international tourists. (“Kootenai County, Idaho”). Kootenai County was established in 1864, named after Kootenai tribe because it lies in the area of settlement of the tribe, present boundaries were…show more content…
Epidemiologically speaking, the incidence of diabetes has had a 40% in Kootenai County in the last 5 years (“Kootenai County Indicators”). The mentioned statistics show evidence for the applicable nursing diagnosis of ineffective health maintenance as evidenced by the negative health disparities listed. There are 335 registered sex offenders currently residing in Kootenai County and statistics suggest that crime rates are on the rise with a reported 11.3% increase (“Kootenai CSO,” 2011). Drunken driving arrests have increased by 20 in the last year, drug and narcotic arrests have increased by 29 arrests in the last year and there have been 14 arrests for assault in the last year (“Kootenai CSO,” 2011). The above can lead one to believe that stressors in this community are abundant and that its inhabitants are seeking relief with drugs and alcohol and other illegal and destructive behaviors, which leads to a nursing diagnosis of ineffective community coping as evidenced by self medicating and violent behaviors. On a brighter note, with the abundance of pristine lakes, numerous camp grounds, mountains for skiing and snowshoeing, hiking trails and National forest land, there is an abundance of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year round. Neighborhood and Community Safety/Disaster assessment and planning Kootenai County has a health department that is involved in health services and provides pertinent information to

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