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Chemical formula is C7H13Cl   determine molecular structure using these 5 H-NMR characteristics.

singlet that integrates to 6

a doublet that integrates to 3

a singlet that integrates to 2

a doublet that integrates to 1

and a double quartet that integrates to 1


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The double bond equivalence indicates the prese...


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The formula for the double bond equivalence is given below, нх. N DBE C +1 2 2 2 C Number of Carbon atoms present H Number of Hydrogen atoms present X Number of Halogen atoms present (Cl, Br, I or F) N Number of Nitrogen atoms present The molecular formula of the compound is CH13CI, which indicates that the compound might has double bond in the ring. нх.N -+ 2 DBE C +1 2 2 0 13 1 + DBE 7 +1- 2 2 2 DBE 7+1-7 DBE 1


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