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How do I read a sequence of values in a file into a arraylist in a method? It's in java progarmming.


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Step 1

We need to use Scanner calss. In which java.util package used for obtaining the input of the primitive types like int, double etc. and strings. Then we must pass object of the class File since we are going to read from the file. Scanner class provides 'readLine()' method to read an entire line and 'hasNext()' method to indicate whether more values are available for reading or not.

Step 2

We will first initiallize File object.

Scanner s = new Scanner(new File(filename))

Step 3

So the code for the method will be.

ArrayList<String> result = new ArrayList<>();
try (Scanner s = new Scanner(new FileReader(filename))) {
    while (s.hasNext()) {
    return result;

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