Asked Nov 18, 2019
Identify the type of bonding within each substance.
a. metallic
b. ionic
c. covalent
a. metallic
b. covalent
c. ionic
a. ionic
b. covalent
c. metallic

Expert Answer

Step 1

The given specie is Co(s).


The chemical name of Co is cobalt. The bond present in the given species is metallic because Co is a transition metal.

Step 2

The second species is CoCl2.


The given compound is formed by the reaction of Co with chlorine. Co is a metal, whereas Cl is a non metal. The reaction between metal and non-metal involves ionic bond where ions are bonded by electrostatic force of attraction. Therefore, the given compound involves ionic bonding.

Step 3

The given compound is CCl4.


The given compound is formed by the reaction of C with chlorine. C and Cl are non-metal. The reaction between non...

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