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In synthesis of Aspirin,2C7H6O3 + 4C4H6O3 ---> 5 C9H8O4+ 6C2H4O2SA+AA--->A+AAcidIf used 3.0g of SA and 6.0 ml of AA and obtained 1.306 g of aspirinCalculate the mass of acetic anhydride used?I am getting confused because the mass is in MLHow do I calculate this mass whenn it is in ml?


In synthesis of Aspirin,

2C7H6O3 + 4C4H6O3 ---> 5 C9H8O4+ 6C2H4O2


If used 3.0g of SA and 6.0 ml of AA and obtained 1.306 g of aspirin

Calculate the mass of acetic anhydride used?

I am getting confused because the mass is in ML

How do I calculate this mass whenn it is in ml?


Step 1

The required mass of acetic anhydride is calculated ...

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