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Name the following (be sure to identify the isomer):



([Pt(ox)2] 2– )-

([Cr(H2O)5Br] 2+)-


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Step 1

Since there are multiple sub parts, we are authorized to answer only the first three sub parts. If you require the answer of the other parts, please post it separately again. 


NH3 (ammine): oxidation number = 0

Cl (chlorido): oxidation number = -1

Overall charge of the complex = 0

Let the oxidation number of Cr (chromium) be ‘x’.

x + 0 + 3(-1) = 0

x = +3

⸫ The name of the complex is: Triammine trichlorido chromium(III)

This complex will show facial (fac) and meridional (mer) isomer.


Image Transcriptionclose

N NH 3 somer mer isemer

Step 2


en (ethylenediamine): oxidation number = 0

Cl (chlorido): oxidation number = -1

Overall charge of the complex = 0

Let the oxidation number of Pt (platinum) be ‘x’.



Image Transcriptionclose

mirar Pt en PA pteal isemers


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