9th Edition
Mary K. Campbell + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305961135




9th Edition
Mary K. Campbell + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305961135
Textbook Problem

RECALL Identify the functional groups in the following compounds.


Interpretation Introduction

Interpretation: The functional groups present in the given compounds are to be interpreted.

Concept introduction: The functional groups are important parts of the biomolecules because they induce specific functions in them. Important functional groups in the biomolecules are amino, ester, thiol, ketone, aldehyde, hydroxyl, carboxylic, and others. A functional group, such as hydroxyl group, decides whether the molecule is soluble in water or organic solvents.


Given information: Structures of glucose, triglyceride, peptide, and vitamin A are provided as follows:

The glucose molecule contains an aldehyde group and five hydroxyl groups. The hydroxyl groups in the glucose molecule help it remain dissolved in water. The glucose is utilized as an energy source in most living organisms. The aldehyde group of glucose allows it to oxidize other compounds. This oxidation reaction can be utilized to test the presence of glucose in the given compounds with the help of Fehling’s reagent, where, Fehling’s solution gets reduced by aldehyde group of glucose.

The triglyceride consists of three ester groups. A triglyceride is derived from three fatty acids and a glycerol group. An ester group consists of a carbon atom, two oxygen atoms and two alkyl groups. One of the oxygen atoms is attached to the carbon by a double bond to complete its valency. The other oxygen atom is attached to the carbon and hydrogen by single bonds. The alkyl groups can be similar or different in nature...

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