Inquiry into Physics

8th Edition
ISBN: 9781337515863
Textbook Problem

In the electroweak theory, symmetry breaking occurs on a length scale of about m. Compute the frequency of particles with de Brogue wavelengths (see Section 10.5) equal to this value, and, using this result, determine their energies by the Planck formula Show that the mass of particles having such energies is on the order of the mass of the particles (Figure 12.23).

To determine

The frequency of the particle and the energy of it. The mass of the particle is comparable to that of W±.



De-Broglie's wavelength,λ=1017mMass of the particle,m=1.19×1024kgPlank's constant,h=4.13× 10 15eV.s.

Formula used:

Velocity of electromagnetic particle is given by,



λ = De-Broglie’s wavelength

c = velocity of light

f = frequency

Energy of the particle is given by,



E = Energy of the particle.


Velocity of the particle is given by,


Energy of the particle is given by,


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