Algebra and Trigonometry (MindTap ...

4th Edition
James Stewart + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305071742



Algebra and Trigonometry (MindTap ...

4th Edition
James Stewart + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305071742
Textbook Problem

DISCOVER: An Annuity That Lasts Forever An annuity in perpetuity is one that continues forever. Such annuities are useful in setting up scholarship funds to ensure that the award continues.

(a) Draw a timeline (as in Example 1) to show that to set up an annuity in perpetuity of amount R per time period, the amount that must be invested now is

A p = R 1 + i + R ( 1 + i ) 2 + R ( 1 + i ) 3 + + R ( 1 + i ) n +

where i is the interest rate per time period.

(b) Find the sum of the infinite series in part (a) to show that

A p = R i

(c) How much money must be invested now at 10 % p e r y e a r , compounded annually, to provide an annuity in perpetuity of $ 5000 p e r y e a r ? The first payment is due in 1 y e a r .

(d) How much money must be invested now at 8 % p e r y e a r , compounded quarterly, to provide an annuity in perpetuity of $ 3000 p e r y e a r ? The first payment is due in 1 y e a r .

To determine


To show:

To set up an annuity in perpetuity of amount R per time period, the amount that must be invested now is


With the help of a timeline, where i is the interest rate per time period.



Timeline for individual payments.


The amount invested now to set up an annuity in perpetuity Ap is given by

Ap=Af(1+i)n,0<n< ... (1)

Af is the amount of an annuity,

i is the interest per time period and

n is the total number of installments.



For 0<n<

Af=n=1R×(1+i)n1 in equation (1),


To determine


To show:

The sum of the infinite series Ap, is given by


To determine


To find:

The money that must be invested now at 10%peryear, to provide an annuity in perpetuity of $5000peryear.

To determine


To find:

The money that must be invested now at 8%peryear, compounded quarterly, to provide an annuity in perpetuity of $3000peryear.

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P-12CCSect-13.CR P-1ESect-13.CR P-2ESect-13.CR P-3ESect-13.CR P-4ESect-13.CR P-5ESect-13.CR P-6ESect-13.CR P-7ESect-13.CR P-8ESect-13.CR P-9ESect-13.CR P-10ESect-13.CR P-11ESect-13.CR P-12ESect-13.CR P-13ESect-13.CR P-14ESect-13.CR P-15ESect-13.CR P-16ESect-13.CR P-17ESect-13.CR P-18ESect-13.CR P-19ESect-13.CR P-20ESect-13.CR P-21ESect-13.CR P-22ESect-13.CR P-23ESect-13.CR P-24ESect-13.CR P-25ESect-13.CR P-26ESect-13.CR P-27ESect-13.CR P-28ESect-13.CR P-29ESect-13.CR P-30ESect-13.CR P-31ESect-13.CR P-32ESect-13.CR P-33ESect-13.CR P-34ESect-13.CR P-35ESect-13.CR P-36ESect-13.CR P-37ESect-13.CR P-38ESect-13.CR P-39ESect-13.CR P-40ESect-13.CR P-41ESect-13.CR P-42ESect-13.CR P-43ESect-13.CR P-44ESect-13.CR P-45ESect-13.CR P-46ESect-13.CR P-47ESect-13.CR P-48ESect-13.CR P-49ESect-13.CR P-50ESect-13.CR P-51ESect-13.CR P-52ESect-13.CR P-53ESect-13.CR P-54ESect-13.CR P-55ESect-13.CR P-56ESect-13.CR P-57ESect-13.CR P-58ESect-13.CR P-59ESect-13.CR P-60ESect-13.CR P-61ESect-13.CR P-62ESect-13.CR P-63ESect-13.CR P-64ESect-13.CR P-65ESect-13.CR P-66ESect-13.CR P-67ESect-13.CR P-68ESect-13.CR P-69ESect-13.CR P-70ESect-13.CR P-71ESect-13.CR P-72ESect-13.CR P-73ESect-13.CR P-74ESect-13.CR P-75ESect-13.CR P-76ESect-13.CR P-77ESect-13.CR P-78ESect-13.CR P-79ESect-13.CR P-80ESect-13.CR P-81ESect-13.CR P-82ESect-13.CR P-83ESect-13.CT P-1CTSect-13.CT P-2CTSect-13.CT P-3CTSect-13.CT P-4CTSect-13.CT P-5CTSect-13.CT P-6CTSect-13.CT P-7CTSect-13.CT P-8CTSect-13.CT P-9CTSect-13.CT P-10CTSect-13.CT P-11CTSect-13.CT P-12CTSect-13.CT P-13CTSect-13.FOM P-1PSect-13.FOM P-2PSect-13.FOM P-3PSect-13.FOM P-4PSect-13.FOM P-5PSect-13.FOM P-6P