Automotive Technology

7th Edition
ERJAVEC + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage,
ISBN: 9781337794213



Automotive Technology

7th Edition
ERJAVEC + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage,
ISBN: 9781337794213
Chapter 16, Problem 1MC
Textbook Problem

An ammeter is always connected in ____ with the circuit, whereas a voltmeter is connected in ____ with the circuit.

a. parallel, series

b. parallel, parallel

c. series, parallel

d. series, series

To determine

The correct options for filling the gap in the given statement.

Explanation of Solution

Given Information: "An ammeter is always connectedwith the circuitand a voltmeter is connected with the circuit"

An ammeter is an electrical device used to measure the current through the circuit. The ammeter is always connected in series.Connectingan ammeter in parallelseries will cause short circuit as the ammeter is a low impedance electrical device. A short circuit will system failure in appliance. So, the ammeter is always connected in series. The voltmeter is an electrical device used to measure the potential difference in the circuit...

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Automotive Technology
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