Automotive Technology - 7th Edition - by ERJAVEC,  Jack. - ISBN 9781337794213
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Automotive Technology
7th Edition
Publisher: Cengage,
ISBN: 9781337794213

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Chapter 11 - Lower End Theory And ServiceChapter 12 - Upper End Theory And ServiceChapter 13 - Engine Sealing And ReassemblyChapter 14 - Lubricating And Cooling SystemsChapter 15 - Basics Of Electrical SystemsChapter 16 - General Electrical System Diagnostics And ServiceChapter 17 - Batteries: Theory, Diagnosis, And ServiceChapter 18 - Starting And Motor SystemsChapter 19 - Charging SystemsChapter 20 - Lighting SystemsChapter 21 - Instrumentation And Information DisplaysChapter 22 - Basics Of Electronics And Computer SystemsChapter 23 - Electrical AccessoriesChapter 24 - Engine Performance SystemsChapter 25 - Detailed Diagnosis And SensorsChapter 26 - Ignition SystemsChapter 27 - Ignition System Diagnosis And ServiceChapter 28 - Gasoline, Diesel, And Other FuelsChapter 29 - Fuel Delivery SystemsChapter 30 - Electronic Fuel InjectionChapter 31 - Fuel Injection System Diagnosis And ServiceChapter 32 - Intake And Exhaust SystemsChapter 33 - Emission Control SystemsChapter 34 - Emission Control Diagnosis And ServiceChapter 35 - Hybrid VehiclesChapter 36 - Electric VehiclesChapter 37 - ClutchesChapter 38 - Manual Transmissions And TransaxlesChapter 39 - Manual Transmission/transaxle ServiceChapter 40 - Drive Axles And DifferentialsChapter 41 - Automatic Transmissions And TransaxlesChapter 42 - Electronic Automatic TransmissionsChapter 43 - Automatic Transmission And Transaxle ServiceChapter 44 - Four- And All-wheel DriveChapter 45 - Tires And WheelsChapter 46 - Suspension SystemsChapter 47 - Steering SystemsChapter 48 - Restraint Systems: Theory, Diagnosis, And ServiceChapter 49 - Wheel AlignmentChapter 50 - Brake SystemsChapter 51 - Drum BrakesChapter 52 - Disc BrakesChapter 53 - Antilock Brake, Traction Control, And Stability Control SystemsChapter 54 - Heating And Air ConditioningChapter 55 - Air-conditioning Diagnosis And Service

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WHat should be worn when working with any type of cleaning solvent or chemical?Describe how to inspect an oil pump.Explain staged and continuously variable value timing systems.What are the major differences between aerobic and anaerobic sealants?What is the most efficient way to increase a radiators efficiency?What is represented by the E, I, and R in the formula E = IR?How will an electrical circuit behave if there is a short in the circuit?Define an electrolyte and its role in battery operation.Explain the purpose of the field windings in an electric motor.To protect electronic circuits, some voltage regulators have a circuit built into them.What lighting systems are controlled by the headlight switch?What is the purpose of an IVR?Explain the three types of memory used in the computer system.Explain the principles of adaptive cruise control.Describe the difference between an open- and a closed-loop operation.OBD II systems use several modes of operation. List three of them.Explain how voltage is induced in a permanent magnet pickup coil as the reluctor approaches...Why is the procedure for checking the resistance of a waste spark ignition coil different from the...Pump gasoline may contain a small amount of alcohol. Name three problems that can occur if there is...List at least five safety precautions that should be adhered to when working with fuel systems.Explain the major differences between port fuel injection and gasoline direct injection systems.List four service precautions for working on the fuel injection system.What is the difference between psia and psig readings?Explain why a small PCV valve opening is adequate at idle speed.A rich air-fuel ratio causes HC emissions to ________.What are the basic components of a belt alternator starter hybrid system?Why are carbon dioxide emissions a concern?What is another name for the diaphragm spring?What determines whether a conventional transmission or a transaxle is used?After draining gear oil from a transaxie, the technician notices that the oil has shiny, metallic...Name the three ways in which CV joints can be classified.Explain the difference between rotary and vortex fluid flow in a torque converter.While discussing the CVT transaxie used in Toyota hybrid vehicles: Technician A says that the...What is the most probable cause of a low fluid level?Name the three main driveline components that are added to a RWD vehicle to make it a 4WD vehicle.List five things that could cause premature bearing failure.Describe how a stabilizer bar works.Describe how a rack and pinion steering, a parallelogram steering, and a worm and roller system...What is the difference between a passive and an active restraint system?Define camber.Explain why bleeding air out of a hydraulic system is so importantName the two methods of attaching brake lining materials to the brake shoes.Name the three major assemblies that make up a disc brake.What is the primary difference between an automatic traction control system and a stability control...What is the amount of heat necessary to change the state of a substance called?What should you do if you suspect that an alternative refrigerant had been used in the A/C system...

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