Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with Engineering Applications
Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with Engineering Applications
1st Edition
ISBN: 9780470105757
Author: Stuart M. Wentworth
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

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Chapter 2, Problem 2.1P

Given P(4, 2, 1) and A PQ =2a x +4a y +6a z , find the point Q.

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To determine

The coordinates ofpoint Q .

Answer to Problem 2.1P

The coordinates ofpoint Q is (6,6,7) .

Explanation of Solution


The coordinates of point P is (4,2,1) .

Vector APQ is 2ax+4ay+6az .


The point Q is (Qx,Qy,Qz) .

The vector APQ can be written as,


Compare the given vector APQ with the above vector.


The value of Qy is calculated as,


The value of Qz is calculated as,


Therefore, the point Q is (6,6,7) .

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Fundamentals of Electromagnetics with Engineering Applications

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