Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695



Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695
Textbook Problem

Why is it usually better to make a weld in the flat position?

To determine

The reason for making weld in flat position.


A weld is prepared in flat position. The reason for welding in flat position can be understood from below mentioned points: -

  1. It provides larger area for the weld.
  2. Molten metals are easily scattered on the flat surfaces.
  3. It helps in performing welding in less time.
  4. It is easy to perform welding in flat position because of clear view.
  5. Flat position provides easy motion of welding tools.
  6. Proper light can be easily scattered on whole area.
  7. Flat position welding provides safe handling of welding tools...

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