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Chapter 3, Problem 1Q
Program Plan Intro

Physical layer:

  • Physical layer is the connection between the sender and receiver that includes hardware devices and physical media.
  • Hardware devices such as computers, mouse, modems, and so on.
  • Physical media such as cables and satellites.
  • It transmits data bits 0’s and 1’s over a connection.

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Difference between point-to-point circuit and multipoint circuit:

Point-to-point circuit

Multipoint circuit

Point-to-point configuration means that it goes from one computer to another computer.

Multipoint configuration means that many computers are connected on the same circuit.

This circuit is also called dedicated circuits.This circuit is also called shared circuit.

It is used when the computers generate enough data to fill the capacity of the communication circuit.

It is used to share the circuit with others.

This circuit is expensive.

This circuit is cheaper.

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