Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
Data Structures and Algorithms in Java
6th Edition
ISBN: 9781118771334
Author: Michael T. Goodrich
Publisher: WILEY
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Chapter 3, Problem 25C

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Algorithm to concatenate two singly linked list:

The algorithm to concatenate two singly linked list “L” and “M” into single list “L'” is given below:


Input: Two singly linked list “L” and “M”.

Output: Concatenate the two singly linked lists into single list “L'”.

Concatenate(L, M):

  //Create new node for list "L"

  Create a new node "n"

/*Call getHead() method using singly linked list "L" to assign the head of list as "n". */

  n = L.getHead();

/*Loop executes until the next node of list is not equal to "null". */

  while (n.getNext()!= null)

  //Assign next node as "n"

  n = n.getNext();

/*Call setNext() method to set the next node as head of singly linked list "M"...

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