Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements
Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements
6th Edition
ISBN: 9781118881279
Author: Richard S. Figliola, Donald E. Beasley
Publisher: WILEY
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Chapter 4, Problem 4.1P
To determine

Range of values containing 70% of the population of x

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Answer to Problem 4.1P

Range of values 5.066x7.134

Explanation of Solution


  Assume Number of sample


  Sample Mean



  Sample MeanStandard deviation


Concept Used:

  Test Hypotheses by z test:z0=x¯μσ

Interval defined: xz0σxj x+z0σ


As per the given problem

Assuming that the sample data is adequately large such that its population behaves as an infinite population, so it needs to solve the integral

  p(z0)=12π0z1eβ2/2dβ ............(1)

Over the interval defined by z0 . Table 4.3 lists the solutions for this integral. Using Table 4.3 for, we find p(z0)=0.35 ,  Then the value of z0 =1.034.We should expect that 70% of the xjvalues lie in the interval given by

  xz0σxj x+z0σ

  6.11.034xj 6.1+1.034

  5.066xj 7.134

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