Solid Waste Engineering

3rd Edition
Worrell + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning,
ISBN: 9781305635203



Solid Waste Engineering

3rd Edition
Worrell + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning,
ISBN: 9781305635203
Chapter 6, Problem 6.10P
Textbook Problem

What would be three good uses for methane collected from a landfill?

To determine

The uses of methane that is extracted from the landfill.

Explanation of Solution

About 60% of the gas emitted from the landfill is methane. This gas finds its application in many fields such as fuels in industries and heating mechanism for buildings and electricity generation for public usage. Some of the uses of methane as narrated below;


Methane causes 10 times the damage in regards of Greenhouse effect than any other Greenhouse gases. So methane can be employed as fuel mitigating the environmental impact and also serving as an alternative fuel. The only and main problem in using methane as a fuel is the way to store it for later usage. Although, methiods are available; it is tedious and costly.

Natural gas:

  • Electricity Generation:

The most used energy in the world is electricity. The generation of electricity is carried out using hydropower plants, thermal power plants, windmills and nuclear power plants. In this regard methane offers its part for the generation of electricity. The process involves running the gas turbine or steam generator with the help of methane. Since methane is highly inflammable it burns easily. When compared with other hydrocarbons methane has low heat of combustion of about 891 KJ/g. Also the work-done is much larger than that of other hydrocarbons. Hence methane proves to be an effective product for the production of electricity.

The idea of burning methane can be implemented in a number of conventional turbine system. It is used to heat water to produce steam which runs the blades the induce electricity in the generator. This could minimize the use of thermal and nuclear power plants which are feared to have many environmental effects. For instance, burning of coal causes air pollution and nuclear power plants emit radiation in large levels which gives short term or long term effects or even death in worst cases, if not properly , maintained.

  • Green Energy:

The other mode of fuel is for the vehicles...

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