Calculus: An Applied Approach (MindTap Course List) - 10th Edition - by Ron Larson - ISBN 9781305860919

Calculus: An Applied Approach (MindTap ...
10th Edition
Ron Larson
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305860919

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Chapter 2.3 - Rates Of Change: Velocity And MarginalsChapter 2.4 - The Product And Quotient RulesChapter 2.5 - The Chain RuleChapter 2.6 - Higher-order DerivativesChapter 2.7 - Implicit DifferentiationChapter 2.8 - Related RatesChapter 3 - Applications Of The DerivativeChapter 3.1 - Increasing And Decreasing FunctionsChapter 3.2 - Extrema And The First-derivative TestChapter 3.3 - Concavity And The Second-derivative TestChapter 3.4 - Optimization ProblemsChapter 3.5 - Business And Economics ApplicationsChapter 3.6 - AsymptotesChapter 3.7 - Curve Sketching: A SummaryChapter 3.8 - Differentials And Marginal AnalysisChapter 4 - Exponential And Logarithmic FunctionsChapter 4.1 - Exponential FunctionsChapter 4.2 - Natural Exponential FunctionsChapter 4.3 - Derivatives Of Exponential FunctionsChapter 4.4 - Logarithmic FunctionsChapter 4.5 - Derivatives Of Logarithmic FunctionsChapter 4.6 - Exponential Growth And DecayChapter 5 - Integration And Its ApplicationsChapter 5.1 - Antiderivatives And Indefinite IntegralsChapter 5.2 - Integration By Substitution And The General Power RuleChapter 5.3 - Exponential And Logarithmic IntegralsChapter 5.4 - Area And The Fundamental Theorem Of CalculusChapter 5.5 - The Area Of A Region Bounded By Two GraphsChapter 5.6 - The Definite Integral As The Limit Of A SumChapter 6 - Techniques Of IntegrationChapter 6.1 - Integration By Parts And Present ValueChapter 6.2 - Integration TablesChapter 6.3 - Numerical IntegrationChapter 6.4 - Improper IntegralsChapter 7 - Functions Of Several VariablesChapter 7.1 - The Three-dimensional Coordinate SystemChapter 7.2 - Surfaces In SpaceChapter 7.3 - Functions Of Several VariablesChapter 7.4 - Partial DerivativesChapter 7.5 - Extrema Of Functions Of Two VariablesChapter 7.6 - Lagrange MultipliersChapter 7.7 - Least Squares Regression AnalysisChapter 7.8 - Double Integrals And Area In The PlaneChapter 7.9 - Applications Of Double IntegralsChapter 8 - Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 8.1 - Radian Measure Of AnglesChapter 8.2 - The Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 8.3 - Graphs Of Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 8.4 - Derivatives Of Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 8.5 - Integrals Of Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 9 - Probability And CalculusChapter 9.1 - Discrete ProbabilityChapter 9.2 - Continuous Random VariablesChapter 9.3 - Expected Value And VarianceChapter 10 - Series And Taylor PolynomialsChapter 10.1 - SequencesChapter 10.2 - Series And ConvergenceChapter 10.3 - P-series And The Ratio TestChapter 10.4 - Power Series And Taylor’s TheoremChapter 10.5 - Taylor PolynomialsChapter 10.6 - Newton’s MethodChapter 11 - Differential EquationsChapter 11.1 - Solutions Of Differential EquationsChapter 11.2 - Separation Of VariablesChapter 11.3 - First-order Linear Differential EquationsChapter 11.4 - Applications Of Differential EquationsChapter A1 - The Real Number Line And OrderChapter A2 - Absolute Value Of A Real NumberChapter A3 - Exponents And RadicalsChapter A4 - Factoring PolynomialsChapter A5 - Fractions And RationalizationChapter B - Alternate Introduction To The Fundamental Theorem Of Calculus

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Designed specifically for business, economics, or life/social sciences majors, CALCULUS: AN APPLIED APPROACH, BRIEF, Tenth Edition, motivates students while fostering understanding and mastery. The book emphasizes integrated and engaging applications that show students the real-world relevance of topics and concepts. Applied problems drawn from government sources, industry, current events, and other disciplines provide well-rounded examples and appeal to students' diverse interests. The Tenth Edition builds upon its applications emphasis through updated exercises and relevant examples. Pedagogical features--from algebra review to study tips--continue to provide extra guidance and practice. In addition, the new edition is now supported by two strong optional digital learning solutions, Enhanced WebAssign and MindTap Math, and stepped-out solution videos with instruction are available at for selected exercises throughout the text.

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