Electric Motor Control - 10th Edition - by Herman - ISBN 9781133702818
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Electric Motor Control
10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781133702818

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Updated with the latest technology, machines, and controls in the industry, ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROL, 10E delivers comprehensive coverage and practical insight for anyone who will install, monitor, and/or maintain motor controls. Extremely reader friendly, the book begins by introducing the simplest of equipment and then helps you build on your knowledge as you learn step by step how to draw and interpret motor control schematic diagrams. Subsequent units offer detailed coverage of motor control components and how they are connected to form complete control circuits. The book ends with troubleshooting techniques that provide real-world practice.

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Discussion: In industrial applications, the pressure switches are used to sense pressure. A large...Discussion: Float switches are used to start or stop a pump motor according to the changes in the...A flow switch is a device that can be placed into a pipe so that when an air or liquid flows against...Limit switch is a device used to convert mechanical motion into an electrical signal to switch...Phase failure relay: Phase failure relay are the type of protective relays. When the three-phase...The electrician, who works with controls, should understand the total operational system; only then...Temperature-actuated switch uses a mechanism that is used to sense and measure the temperature. The...A two-wire control circuit can be a pressure switch, toggle switch, simple switch, limit switch,...The three wire control circuit uses start-stop stations, momentary contact, and holding circuit...If the contacts of the selector switch and automatic pilot device are large enough to pass the...The 3 wires are connected to the externally operated disconnect switch, and the switch is connected...The rotational direction of a three-phase motor can be reversed by interchanging any two motor...Sequence control: Sequence control is a method of control to activate all the elements in a sequence...Description: A control circuit of a lock-stop push button can be padlocked in the off position. Due...If the time is delayed, low-voltage release relay device is used with the magnetic starter and a...Generally, the polyphase induction motor is a self-starting motor. The commonly used starting...A resistor is inserted in a motor stator circuit in series. The voltage drop caused by inserting...Autotransformer starter is placed between the motor and supply power lines to limit the supply...Part winding motor: The part winding motor has two sets of identical windings which are connected in...Star-delta motors: The construction of star-delta motor is similar like standard type of squirrel...Solid-state control: Solid-state or state control consists of no moving parts and provides a method...Given data: The number of poles (n) is 8. The frequency (f) is 60 Hz. The line voltage (E) is 240 V....Given data: The electrical degree is θe=360°. The number of poles in the system P is 2. Formula...Refer to Figure 33-2 in the Textbook, which illustrates the common motor connections of the...The wound rotor motor is the first AC motor provided with the speed control characteristics. The...Refer to Figure 35–1 in the textbook shows the push-button speed selection for a wound rotor motor...The secondary resistor starter is typically used for an automatic acceleration of wound rotor...Given data: The number of poles per phase (p) is 6. The frequency of the motor (f) is 60 Hz. Formula...A machine which provides an output without an input energy source is known as perpetual motion...An independent field is established around the rotor, which is energized by a direct current through...Two basic functions of the synchronous motor control in starting are as follows: (1) To start the...A motor can be operated at the synchronous speed by exciting the DC field using the definite...Automatic synchronous motor starter: An automatic synchronous motor starter is used with a...DC motor: A DC motor is an electrical rotary machine that is used to convert electrical power into...A starter is an electrical device used to start and accelerate a motor. It is used to limit the...Small DC motors can be started by connecting directly across the line with the help of a switch or a...In DC motor, the generated counter electromotive force is proportional to the speed of the motor for...DC motors are highly used in industries due to its versatility property. DC motors provide torque at...Refer to Figure 48-2 in the textbook shows that plugging the motor to stop from one direction only....An electric brake also known as magnetic brake which consists of two friction surfaces or shoes that...A motor cannot be completely stopped by applying the dynamic braking alone. In dynamic braking...Discussion: A DC dynamic brake is a single phase braking used in various induction motors. It...In general, the electric motor’s economical speed is 1800 rpm. To operate the motor at below 1800...Discussion: The reasons for the usage of gear motors in many industrial machines instead of low rpm...Discussion: The squirrel cage induction motor’s speed depends on the frequency of the supply current...Discussion: The three-phase AC motors work on the principle of rotating magnetic field (RMF). When...Discussion: The clutches provide smooth start for the motors and engage the large motors to their...Discussion: The base speed of a DC motor is the speed attained by a motor at rated armature voltage,...Discussion: A solid-state, electronic microprocessor-based control system is known as a programmable...Discussion: The electrical machinery is usually operated with high voltage and the rotational...Discussion: Troubleshooting is a process in which the cause or source of the problem is to be...

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